Eurosport France

Eurosport France wanted to communicate their benefits in a more concise way. With a clear plan and strong cooperation from the start, the launch of the portal was seamless.
Eurosport France

Implementing and launching a portal can be an exciting but challenging undertaking for any company. How do you ensure the launch goes smoothly? How do you make your employees aware of the portal and make sure they make full use of all the functions? Eurosport France is a perfect example of the perfect launch.

Eurosport France already had more than 30 high-quality employee benefits, but there was very little consistency with how benefits were being communicated, and most employees were unaware of what they had access to. When Caroline Roque, Benefits & Compensation Manager, received a presentation of Benify’s portal at the HR Tech fair in 2016, she was impressed and immediately realised this was the solution she was looking for.

– “I had a look at the Benify platform, and I said to myself: wow, we need to get this!”

When the rest of the organisation was convinced, it was time to evaluate the current situation and determine how the new portal would be designed. Dedicated employees from Eurosport France collaborated closely with Benify’s experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project. On the launch day, all 650 employees received an email with their personal login details. To create extra enthusiasm, HR also put information sheets on the employees’ desks, presented a demo of the portal and arranged a quiz where the answers could only be found in the portal.

Three tips to ensure a perfect launch:

  • 1Set a clear scope from the start

    A limited launch during phase one gives you the ability to “wow” employees continuously with new updates and releases.
  • 2Select a dedicated project owner for the portal

    Benify will provide you with an entire team for your launch, however a dedicated project owner on both sides will ensure a smoother implementation.
  • 3Create engagement around the portal

    Use all your current communication channels to inform your employees about the upcoming launch.

In close collaboration

– “Benify had so much knowledge, and we worked together as a team to build the SSO and understand all technical aspects. No time was wasted because Benify was always available to answer our questions”, says Caroline Roque.